The best 20+ cycling routes in Dnipro

The best 20+ cycling routes in Dnipro
Updated: June 10, 2023, 11:36 a.m.

You can find many interesting routes in the Dnipro. Due to the nature of the location, the presence of a river, rolling hills, all cycling routes will be diverse. Wonderful views open along the Dnipro River - from rocky cliffs in Yamburg to a beautiful promenade in the city itself. By the way, the embankment of Dnipro river in the Dnipro city is one of the longest in Europe, as well as a favorite place for cyclists. At any time of the day or night, you can find people doing cycling here, and many popular cycling routes are laid through it.

Especially for you we've selected the 20 best, in our opinion, cycling routes in the Dnipro, created by ourselves or shared by our users.

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Where to go in the Dnpro?

The city is located on two banks of the Dnipro River, which are connected by 4 bridges. Most car traffic falls on the New Bridge and the Old Bridge. The calmest are Kaydaksky and South bridge. We recommend cycling along the Kaydak and South bridges. The road surface of both is excellent for both road and mountain bikes. After the recent reconstruction, the coverage of the New Bridge is excellent, but the width of the carriageway is narrowed, so you can get under the wheels. The least recommended is the Old Bridge - in spite of the good coverage, its width and design features make the movement on it for cyclists uncomfortable and interfering with motorists as well.

Around the Dnipro there are a lot of coniferous and deciduous forests at a distance of 20 km, which is very convenient for cycling. Some cycle routes are located exclusively inside the city and will give you considerable pleasure.

Where to go for a ride out of town?

If you live on the left bank, Novomoskovsk and its environs (Peschanka, Orlovschina) will be an excellent destination - picturesque Samara meadows and coniferous forests are located here.